Zvezda 7408 US Attack Helicopter 1:144 Plastic Model Kit

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The Mi-24 ‐ NATO code HIND ‐ was developed in the late 1960's. The ”V" version is with over 1.500 helicopters the most widely produced. The first combat test for the "Hind" was the Afghanistan conflict.
This helicopter has served in most conflicts worldwide, from 1979 until present time.

This kit allows the building of 2 versions:
Mi-24V with single 12,7mm 4-barrel YAK-B machine gun Mi-24VP with 23mm twin auto cannon turret
Kit consists of 318 parts
Decals: for 1 Soviet, 2 Russian, 1 Czech Air Force helicopter 2 pilot figures included
Model length: 44,7 cm