Timeline British History Game
Timeline British History Game

Timeline British History Game

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Had tea been brought to Britain before the first cricket Test match? Timeline British history takes the compelling Timeline game play and focuses on British History and now comes in Eco friendly Blister packaging.

Were the Jack the Ripper murders already committed by the time women received the right to vote? Each card depicts a historic event on both sided with the year in which that invention was created on only side. Players take tunes placing a card from their hand in a row on the table. After placing he card, the player reveals the date on it, the card was placed correctly in chronological order with the other cards on the table it stays in place; otherwise, it's removed from play and the player takes another card.

First player to get rid of their cards by placing them in the correct chronological order wins!

Can be combined with any other Timeline series for even more fun and a bigger challenge!

Age 8+ / 2 to 8 Players / 30minutes Playing Time