The Athelorn Avengers Wood Elf Blood Bowl Team

The Athelorn Avengers Wood Elf Blood Bowl Team

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Wood Elves like all Elven Teams are masters of the long game, their natural grace and finesse provide an edge over the younger, clumsier races. It is commonplace to see an elven team blitz the opposing players so quickly that they are left dazed, confused and wondering what just happened. A unique player to Wood Elf Teams is the Wardancer, these players are skilled in the art of war and apply their deadly skills to the Blood Bowl pitch, packing a surprising punch for an elf. Wood Elves can also include a Treeman in their line up, adding a huge deterrent for any opponent thinking the wood elf line would be weak and easy to break.

With a combination of Strength and agility, the Athelorn Avengers are not to be taken lightly!

The multi-part, plastic Athelorn Avengers Blood Bowl Team contains;

  • 12 Wood Elf players,
    • 2x Throwers
    • 2x Catchers
    • 2x Wardncers
    • 8x Line Elves
  • 3 Wood Elf Themed Balls
  • 4x Wood Elf Specific Counters
    • 2x Double-sided score coins
    • 2x Turn markers
  • Assembly guide
  • Decals
  • An 'out of the box' team roster