Tamiya Cromwell Mk.IV Tank Model Set Scale 1:35 35221

Tamiya Cromwell Mk.IV Tank Model Set Scale 1:35 35221

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Requires assembly and painting


A little History of the Cromwell:

Prior to the outbreak of WWII, Britain relied heavily on military alliance with France. It was felt that the large French army would be able to check any German expansion in western Europe should existing treaties be violated. As a result the British Army had been neglected, so that when war came the Royal Armoured Corps had only a handful of modern tanks in service. Many of these were sent to France with the BEF only days before France was defeated, all were abandoned as their crew were evacuated back to Britain. The result was that new tanks were rushed into production without proper testing and were to prove unreliable in combat.

The Cromwell, along with a few Centaur special purpose tanks, first saw action during the Normandy campaign. Here it was at a disadvantage as it could not use its superior speed and agility, but this changed after the fighting moved to open country. Cromwell tanks made some spectacular advances in their pursuit of the Germans across Northern France, Belgium and Holland. The Cromwell served again in Korea and was finally retired in the late 1950's. It is interesting to note that the Leopard, German's first post-war tank, was much closer in concept to the Cromwell than it was to the Tiger!