Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Triplets 5458

Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Triplets 5458

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Triplets Blair, Blake & Brianna Persian are the newest arrivals in the cat family and are still very small. Being so young, they aren’t yet able to do a huge amount by themselves, but that’s no problem as their doting parents and big brothers and sisters always want a turn feeding them or taking them out to play in the garden.

Blair likes to pull the ribbons on her sister’s dress. As she’s so little her parents can’t decide yet if she’s being mischievous or just having fun!

Blake is developing excellent senses and especially likes the smell of mint and the sound of leaves rustling in the wind.

Brianna is the eldest, albeit by just two minutes, and she’s already getting more mobile. She was the first of the triplets to roll over while asleep.