Ravensburger 500 Piece Jigsaw 365 Little Things

Ravensburger 500 Piece Jigsaw 365 Little Things

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This illustration by Mike spike is created in a photo realistic style and depicts 365 little things, one for every day of the year. It is a nostalgic stroll into the recent past and the result of over 40 years of collecting small items, some of which are much older than that. The cork is a good reference to the original size of these items and is joined by many other objects including rocks, crystals, seashells, badges, toys, spinning tops, Thimbles, marbles, badges, netsuke, gaming pieces, old coins and more besides. You’ll also spot dolls’ house paraphernalia, worry dolls, a four-year-old walnut and even a miniature Christmas pudding – the list goes on. A bright and colourful image to remind you of the fond and forgotten. Supplied with an in-box leaflet which includes an extra picture of the puzzle for reference.

The puzzle has regular-shaped and standard-sized pieces.

Product Details

Made By: Ravensburger

Size: The puzzle measures 49cm x 36cm when complete.