Hasbro Game Of Life
Hasbro Game Of Life

Hasbro Game Of Life

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  • Fun game for the whole family
  • Choose your life's path
  • Easy to play
  • Filled with surprises
  • For 2-4 players

Where will your choices take you? You made it through high school, so now what's next? Go to college or start a career -it's your choice. Think the family life is for you? Take that path and see how many kids you'll have! Will you venture down the risky road where fortunes can be won... and lost? Do whatever it takes to retire in style with the most wealth at the end of the game. Spin the wheel of fate and take a drive along the twisting roads families have enjoyed for more than 50 years! Do good deeds as you go through the game to earn Life Tiles and more money down the road! Includes: Game board, 6 Plastic Pawns, Pink and Blue "People" pegs, 1 bridge, Label Sheet, 3 Mountains, 25 LIFE tiles, Banker's tray, 7 Buildings, 24 Spin to Win Tokens, Spin to Win Strip, Deck of 54 Cards, Spinner Base, Ring and Dial, Stack of Play Money, Bank Loan and Pay Raises and Instructions. For 2 to 4 players. Adult assembly required. Ages 9 to Adult.