Green Stuff World Wet Palette

Green Stuff World Wet Palette

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The GSW Wet Palette is a palette that, as opposed to traditional palettes, delays the natural drying process of the paint to be used. This makes the paint on the palette remain usable for longer, allowing you to have longer painting sessions without wasting paint and keeping it fresh.

Suitable only for acrylic paints. It is ideal for warm and dry environments.

Size: 182x132mm (useful work area)


1 Wet Palette tray with a lid

50-sheet refill of Sulphured semi-permeable paper

2 Sanitised® treated sponges in White colour

1 Elastic band

Complete instruction manual with tips and tricks

Hydro Paper

Sulphurised semi-permeable paper with high strength grammage and a semi-translucent finish. It permits the absorption of water without letting paint through. Has right-angled corners to fit well with the GSW Wet Palette.


Hydro Foams

High-performance hydro foam pads for GSW's Wet Palette. High thickness hydrophilic foam for increased fluid retention, whilst preventing wrinkles when drying out.

Treated by Sanitised® to prevent mould and impurities, ensuring their longevity and capability to be reused. This treatment is not infinite, so it will lose effectiveness against fungi with time, water changes, and high temperatures. There is no minimum or maximum date from which the fungi will be generated, but good conservation will extend its effectiveness for many months.