Green Stuff World Colorshift Chameleon Acrylic Paints 17ml (Full Range)

Green Stuff World Colorshift Chameleon Acrylic Paints 17ml (Full Range)

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Chameleon metal paints will create a colourshift visual effect depending on the viewing angle.

Valid for brush and airbrush.

Best results will be obtained with Airbrush.

Made without animal products. Non edible.

Uses: Shake well and apply over BLACK base coat. For the best effects, use gloss black coat so it will increase the effect.
Semi transparent chameleon paints could also be applied over other basecoat colors to achieve different colorshift effects. Paint
very very light coats till maximum colour shows up and basecoat is no longer visible. Each coat should be dried before applying the next coat. Use varnish only when paint is totally dried.

Contents: This offer includes an acrylic COLORSHIFT Chameleon color with ultra fine pigments. Non-Toxic Water Based paint. Non-Flammable. No Latex.

Solar Anomalie

Darth Blue

Borealis Green

Royal Burgundy

Evil Forest

Pinky Blue

Emerald Getaway

Red Goblin

Martian Green

Burning Gold

Celestial Azure

Nebula Copper

Psychotic Illusions

Tropical Green

Toxic Purple

Storm Surge Green

Mystic Gold

Cobalt Blue