Dragon D7339 Panther G w/Steel Road Wheels 1:72 Scale Plastic Model Tank Kit

Dragon D7339 Panther G w/Steel Road Wheels 1:72 Scale Plastic Model Tank Kit

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Features of this version include the early glacis machine gun bulge, early non-chinned mantlet, twin pipe exhausts with sheet metal covers and the raised rear deck heater. Of course the most obvious feature is the 800mm Steel Road wheels on all stations and the early smaller 600mm idler wheel, the smaller diameter road wheels result in the vehicle sitting 30cm lower than a “normal” Panther with 660mm rubber rimmed road wheels.

This kit as with the Panther Ausf.G Late has a mix of early and later Ausf.G features so care is needed when choosing the final make up of the details with the kit being basically the same as the Late with new sprues W for the steel road wheels as well as some additional parts on the other sprues with updated details.

Some of the alternate parts are a full set of 800mm steel road wheels as well as a full set of 860mm rubber rimmed road wheels, early twin pipe or later Flammenvernichter mufflers, early or late type glasic machine gun bulge, earlier non-chinned and later chinned mantlet and early flat left engine deck intake or the later raised heater intake cover as well as a choice of the standard small roller on the final drive housing or the later skid shoe seen on some M.N.H manufactured vehicles at the end of the war.

As this kit has 90% of parts from the Late Panther much of this review is the same as for that kit with additional notes on the new and revised parts.

The kit:
The kit has 627 parts in the usual light grey plastic and 14 in clear plastic plus a bag of individual “magic tracks”, a small fret of etched engine intake mesh and two lengths of wire for the tow cables plus additional small metal spare track clips for the turret side and two small decal sheets and instruction sheet.