Crayola 14 Washable Pip-Squeaks Mini Markers Pens

Crayola 14 Washable Pip-Squeaks Mini Markers Pens

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Let imaginations run wild with Crayola Pip Squeaks Felt Tip Mini Markers!

Draw, shade and colour your work with these mini markers without the worry of staining your clothes, tabletops or skin. Enjoy strong, vibrant colour all packaged inside a small pen that's been designed for little hands.

These innovative pens by Crayola have been designed to be combine non-toxic ink with a chunky, easy to hold barrel to make these pens super child-friendly. The pens feature crush resistant nibs so children cannot remove the nibs or chew on them, preventing ingestion.

14 pack
Assorted colours
Super washable (with soap and water)
Crush resistant nibs
Extended ventilated caps