Barbie Sport Gymnastics Doll and Playset

Barbie Sport Gymnastics Doll and Playset

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Explore a world of competitive fun with the Barbie Gymnast Playset! When your child plays with Barbie, they imagines everything they can become, and if you love to tumble, you can be a gymnast! This playset includes a gymnastic training environment featuring the Barbie Gymnast doll in a colourful metallic leotard. She also comes with an extra leotard, a warmup suit, extra shoes, towel, snacks and a gym bag.

You can be a gymnast with the Barbie Gymnast playset!

Playset includes a balance beam, 2 rings, spinning clip and 2 batons that Barbie Gymnast doll can use to compete and perform.

Attach spinning clip to Barbie Gymnast doll and watch her flip across the beam and perform other fun gymnastic moves!

Barbie Gymnast doll's hard work, strength and determination lead her to a well-earned trophy and a medal with a ribbon. What a competition!