AV Vallejo 71178 Model Air Set - Introduction Set

AV Vallejo 71178 Model Air Set - Introduction Set

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These are pre-thinned acrylic airbrush colours from Acrylicos Vallejo They are waterbased paints which are non-toxic and non-flammable and come in a 17ml eyedropper bottle which prevents spills.The formula contains a new acrylic resin with properties until now impossible to obtain in a waterbased acrylic. The resistence, hardness and covering power of Model Air is superior to any know acrylic for airbrushing.The pigments used for airbrush colours need to be ground to the finest possible consistency to avoid obstruction of the airbrush valves. The revolutionary milling process of the pigments used in the Model Air formula gives the modelpainter technical assurance and finest texture when applying the colours to the model, and produces a very superior qualtity when applying the colours with a brush for misiscule details, for washes and transparencies and layered application of diluted glazes.Colours can be mixed with water,Model Air Thinner or Varnish, according to the effect desired, but we recommend the use of Model Air Thinner since this product conserves the properties of the colours. Model Air adheres excepcionally well to all surfaces. The adhesion of Model Air to resin models, plastic, steel and white metal is extraordinary.Once protected with varnish, (Gloss,Matte or Satin) Model Air can be overpainted with solvent based enamels or oilcolours: they withstand cleaning with turprntine and even a light wash with alcohol. The resistance to abrasion of the colours, once varnished is superior to any other waterbased acrylic..

This set contains:

VAL72001 White

VAL72002 Yellow

VAL72003 Scarlet Red

VAL72004 Blue

VAL72005 Intermediate Blue

VAL72007 Olive Green

VAL72008 Pale Blue

VAL72013 Yellow Olive

VAL72027 Light Brown

VAL72031 Middle Stone

VAL72033 Yellow Ochre

VAL72036 Mahagony

VAL72037 Mud Brown

VAL72040 Burnt Umber

VAL72050 Light Grey

VAL72057 Black