Army Painter Metallic Colours Paint Set WP8048

Army Painter Metallic Colours Paint Set WP8048

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Want to paint magical armour, alien weaponry, or tainted treasure? Or perhaps the glistening, draconic hide of fantastic beasts? This paint set has you covered! Along with a wide array of metallic colours, we have also included our brand new Metallic Effects paint - Fairy Dust. With this new paint, you can turn any of our Warpaints into a vibrantly shimmering metallic with a single coat. Our paint comes in spill-proof 18 ml./ 0.6 fl. oz. dropper bottles - perfect for both wet palettes and airbrushing. Our non-toxic, water-based paints have a creamy viscosity making it ideal for miniature painting, and they mix smoothly with each other to create any combination of colors that you dream up!

Glitter Green WP1484

Elven Armour WP1483

Zephyr WP1485

Gemstone WP1487

Azure Magic WP1486

Tainted Gold WP1482

Night Scales WP1490

Royal Purple WP1488

Evil Chrome WP1491

Fairy Dust WP1489

COLLECT ALL THE METALLICS – This hobby paint collection includes 9 metallic paints, allowing you to paint anything from fantasy armour to grimy boltguns. Perfect for anyone new to the hobby of Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Star Wars Legion, as well as Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying miniature model painting.

  • MIXING BALLS INCLUDED - Simply shaking a paint pot can be enough to achieve good results but unfortunately, sometimes shaking can be a challenge. Our The Army Painter stainless steel Mixing Balls make paint mixing even more thorough and effortless, allowing you to get the most out of your paints, without having to employ power tools or dislocate your shoulder to mix that extra resilient pot of paint
  • EXCELLENT COVERAGE AND CONSISTENCY – Warpaints are made with heavy pigments and a creamy consistency, allowing for excellent coverage and application. The extremely fine pigment makes our Warpaints excellent for use in an airbrush as well as with regular paint brushes.
  • NON-TOXIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY – Our acrylic Warpaints are marked with the Nordic Swan Eco-label, your guarantee that we have done our utmost to lower our emissions, reducing the overall environmental impact from production and consumption of goods. Furthermore, our paints are non-toxic and safe to use for anyone just starting out miniature painting, as well as for the advanced hobbyist concerned with their health without compromising on the quality of their tools.
  • BORN FROM GAMING – The Army Painter is the brainchild of wargaming and painting veterans of many years, Bo Penstoft and Jonas Færing: “We wanted to produce the paints and accessories that could have carried us all the way from the level of novice to experienced painters and gamers when we first started out. With The Army Painter, our aim is to help you get awesome painted models on the table, and still Get More Time for Gaming!