Airfix Bristol Beaufort Mk 1  scale 1:72 A04021

Airfix Bristol Beaufort Mk 1 scale 1:72 A04021

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The second in a successful trio of twin engined aircraft designed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company during the 1930s, the Beaufort is significant as the only monoplane produced for the Royal Air Force designed from the outset as a torpedo bomber and reconnaissance platform.

Developed from the Blenheim light bomber, the Beaufort was ordered ‘off the drawing board’ by the Air Ministry, a move which showed great faith in the Bristol Company, whilst at the same time illustrating the RAF’s urgent need for an effective torpedo bomber. Although initially intended as an evolutionary adaptation of the existing Blenheim bomber, it quickly became apparent that the new aircraft would look significantly different from its predecessor, with a much deeper front fuselage section housing a crew of four and the ability to carry a torpedo in a semi-recessed configuration.


Scale 1:72
Skill 2
Flying Hours 2
Dimensions (mm) L186 x W244
Age Suitability 8+