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Squeakee Minis are the cute mini balloon animals with hilarious helium voices and this Redgy Red Puppy might just be the cutest of them all!

These adorable little animals combine everything your little one loves about balloons and playful pets. Meet Redgy the Puppy! Redgy is very cheeky and just as squeaky. Kids aged 5+ will love when this puppy repeats what they say in a squeaky helium voice! You won't find a more entertaining or funny pet puppy than Redgy! When your child pats him, he'll give a squeak and when they blow on his nose and he'll pretend to inflate then 'pop' in a hilarious way.

Depth: 53 MM

Height: 110 MM

Width: 115 MM

Age Range: 5+

Warning Message: Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years

Redgy the Puppy is a little balloon pet inflated with personality! He loves to play and repeat what you say!

Redgy Makes You Speak With A Squeak!You’ll laugh when you hear Redgy’s hilarious helium voice!

Redgy the Puppy loves to be petted! Pat his head and hear him squeak! 

1 x Redgy Puppy